8 thoughts on “One week to pirate shenanigans!

    1. Yes, it is. I’m looking forward t this so much. I hope I do’t feel too clueless due to not having watched all that may of the previous series. XD;

      1. same here. i’ve really only caught the first few episodes of random series. (except for 2 series which i watched when i was like… 10 years old _-_)

        should still be fun… i mean.. PIRATES. yarr.

        1. I watched (and loved!) all of Shinkenger and Go-Onger, the first ep of Boukenger, and started Deka recently (watching DekaRed spazz his way through every episode is hilarious in light of the fact that he’s movie!Atobe :Dv).

          I don’t recall sentai being on tv here whenI was a kid (I remember Sankoukai though!), and I was in my late teens when Power Rangers started, so I actually have never watched any Power Rangers. But I am totally going to watch at least the first episode of PR Samurai, because I love Shinkenger THAT much.

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