The world is waiting. So is a watermelon.

My favorite show is back!

That said, I really hate being laptopless. I would have posted this days ago if I had it. Oh well. Posting a day before episode 2!

I’m going to start off saying that I love The Amazing Race. I’ve watched every season (except the family edition, heh), and there’s few things on TV I love as much as those first few minutes when Phil gives racers their sendoff. That said… last season was a disappointment. Obviously there was all the ugliness between Carol/Brandy and Caite; but even without that, the racers were just a few crayons short of a box, in general. The undeniably best team of the season, the cowboys, were lovely, appreciative racers who gave it their all… but they too made dumbass mistakes that might have doomed them in a season with all around better, more savvy racers. As for the rest… let’s just say that while a dumb team can provide occasional laughs, when MOST of the teams are dumb, the show really suffers.

So one of the things that stands out most after the first episode of the new season is that, Team Tattoo aside, these racers seem, well, competent and at least of average intelligence… and a few seem of delightfully above average intelligence too.

The other thing that stands out the most is, of course, The Watermelon Incident. Which I won’t even get into, because everyone else that has anything to say about The Amazing Race has already covered it. :D

So, initial thoughts:

Team Glee: I have so much love for these two. “For England! For freedom!!” indeed. They’re wonderfully funny and geeky, and seem like nice people… but not so nice that they forget to RAAAACE, as evidenced by the fact that they left behind both Team Gilmore Girls and Team Father/Daughter and went ahead when those teams ran into trouble and had to stop (but they also took the time to check that they were okay, and made sure that the other team understood why they were going on, so as not to burn their goodwill).

Team Jumba: I had never heard of KevJumba before, but I went to watch some of his videos when the cast was announced, and found him and his dad hilarious. They weren’t really showcased much in the first episode, and I hope that changes soon.

Nat & Kat: I have really high hopes for the doctors. Obviously intelligent and fit… and how badass is it to give yourself an insulin shot while driving down the highway? I’d love for women like these to be the first all-female team to win.

Team Home Shopping Watermelon: The blonde needs to dial it down a notch, but overall all these two are supportive and competent racers, and I like them. I like that the one that got hit in the face with the watermelon didn’t let it affect her much (because, come on, a watermelon in the face WILL affect you), and got up and finished. Loved her commenting “I made it my bitch!” and I also loved how they were both able to laugh about the whole thing afterward.

Team Volleyball: Non-offensive, but eh. I will say I liked how the one got out to PUSH their car.

Team Dad&Daughter: She’s a bit loud, but I find her to be rather refreshingly atypical for a beauty queen. By which I mean recent beauty queens on the race first and foremost, obviously.

Team Gilmore Girls: Lovely people, but I have to say I don’t think they’re long for the Race.

Nick & Vicki: …Is it wrong that I hope these two stick around awhile? I know, I know, smart racers are best, but because the rest are all so competent, there’s no harm in having ONE team that has never heard of “Stonehedge”, that goes around asking people “Are you a battlement?”, that wonders if THEY are their own boats, and who thinks that the pitstop is in the country of London. :D

Ron & Tony: Seemed nice. Bye bye.

The Interchangeable Young Couples: Eh.

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  1. I can’t believe i missed last wk’s season premiere DD: thanks for summing up teams. One of my friends also mentioned kevjumba :D gotta chck him/them out.

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