TAR ep 2: Ghana

I have to admit it surprised me a bit for the teams to be sent to Ghana right in the second episode. I absolutely expected them to spend a couple more legs in Europe before sending them off for a cuture shock… but I’m totally fine with it being this early.

Have to say that I love it when The Amazing Race goes to a Chaotic Marketplace™, although I do prefer when the tasks involve needle in a haystack searches in said marketplaces.

I was actually worried at one one point for The Doctors when Kat was sucking at selling sunglasses (I’d suck just as bad, by the way), but then the Gilmore Girls started talking in a post-leg interview about how they found out they’re both double-jointed, and I knew right there that they were out this week. Like I said last week, they seem like lovely people but they clearly weren’t long for the Race. Actually, I think in the long run it’s probably best for them, in the sense that what they wanted was to get to know each other, and the Race puts a lot of stress on established relationships, so… maybe not the best setting for birth mother and daughter to get to know each other? On the other hand, Elimination Station will probably be a lot of fun for them.

Still not enough Team Jumba. Team Watermelon’s stock is totally rising, they’re shaping up to be badass chicks and potentially great racers. Finally, that insane cab race made me love The Doctors and Team Glee even more than last week. Yes, it was dangerous (kids, don’t try this at home!), but on tv? Awesome. I love that Nat and Kat were willing to bite the bullet to catch up and pass some teams, and as for Team Glee, “I’m just glad I didn’t soil myself” was the best quote of the episode.

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