Gokaiger trailer!

Pirates \:D/
Can’t wait for this one to start… and they seem a little older than the Goseiger cast too, which I really like.

Via [ljuser]tofubeast[/ljuser].

6 thoughts on “Gokaiger trailer!

    1. Yeah, that’s kind of the reason I lost interest in Goseiger REALLY quickly.

      I’m also REALLY looking forward to the returning actors… well, okay, I have no idea if the list I saw has been debunked, but it included Hiroto, and I just love Hide, so I’d be thrilled for that.

  1. Yey, sharing the Gokaiger love!

    I do like the look of the cast, they seem really fun-loving.

    I’m excited to get to see old cast members from past shows, too!

    1. GO-ON GOLD. *_*

      So any news on who’s writing this, what it might be like or anything? And do we get a boobilicious villainess?

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