All female teams on TAR, Survivor, quitters suck, etc

Been on vacation for awhile (excuses, excuses…) and I just caught up on Survivor and The Amazing Race

First of all, I think we can all agree that the editing on The Amazing Race is really driving up anticipation for a potential first all-female win… more so than in past seasons, I think. And here we are, going into the final episode, and we have two very capable, strong, likable all-female teams in the final three. That’s pretty good odds, and in my opinion, it’s about time it happened.

My personal favorites are Nat & Kat, because I like that they’re level-headed and low-key. Early on, I thought maybe they didn’t have the drive to go the distance or that they were perhaps a bit too cautious, but then Kat went and ate the sheep head in that Fast Forward despite being vegetarian for years and if that’s not drive, I don’t know what is. Their only flaw is that they do need to not be so cautious that they get behind, but other than they strike me almost as a female version of Rob and Brennan, the first ever winners, who were efficient and meticulous and drama free, and in my opinion the best overall Racers.

Despite the fact that I’d just love Nat & Kat to take it all, I would also be very happy to see Brooke and Claire do it. Sure Brooke can be bit too peppy, but she is one hell of a Racer, and even though Claire doesn’t have her seemingly boundless energy, she holds up her end and they’re also a good team. Also, there’s a part of me that couldn’t help thinking that Danny and Oswald would probably approve of the way they chilled with cups of coffee while the hotel concierge booked their flight out of Hong Kong while everyone else hustled at the airport… I mean, it wasn’t shopping and then being driven to the airport in a limo, but not everyone can be that fabulous.

So I really want one of these two teams to win, but you have to give it to Jill and Thomas, they’re a damn strong team. All three teams have more than earned their places. And here is where I have to say that I would have been supremely pissed off if, by some ill-fated airport/hours of operation bunching, Nick and Vicki had somehow caught up and managed to avoid elimination this week.

Which doesn’t change the fact that I’m still pissed off that they didn’t get eliminated last week like they deserved for quitting. I know that the non elimination leg was almost certainly planned from the start, but they didn’t just quit the Detour, they were quite obviously quitting the Race. And for that matter, I don’t like that the penalty for bailing on a Detour has been reduced from 24 hours to 6.

I am completely unspoiled for TAR, but as soon as Phil said that next week there would be “an exciting announcement” about the next Amazing Race, first thing that popped in my head was “all-stars”. And if it is all-stars, can we please have Danny and Oswald back? They’re absolutely my favorite team ever. Who knows if they’d even agree to it, though. The other team I’d most love to see again: Ken & Gerard (Bald Snark!).

On to Survivor, and since I already touched on the subject of quitters… wow, how much does it suck that Naonka and Purple Kelly get to be in the jury after they quit? Particularly for Brenda, Marty and Alena, all three of whom wanted to be there and were playing hard. I get the whole logistics side of it, how it would affect the game to lose two jury members at that point, but still, quitters are quitters. They should be done and forgotten. Jeff Probst actually edited his blog post due to getting a lot of comments on the subject, to say that they were in fact going to revise the rules after this. Hopefully it will be to really penalize quitting so this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. And I really hope that no matter how much of a “character” Naonka was, the show holds true to not inviting quitters back.

Moving on to “a mental happy place”, I find the progression of “Fabio”‘s edit this season fascinating. He started out as bumbling comic relief, but more and more he’s being shown as a savy player. I’m not saying I think he was putting on an act 100%… but he’s obviously not actually stupid. A dumbass, sure, but not actually dumb. This episode in particular, there were times when he looked downright shrewd. And well, Marty has said that there is a lot more to Fabio than is immediately apparent, and I for one will take his word for it.

At any rate, he’s my pick to win it all at this point.

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